N9 Apps brings a new, fun way to share and discover new apps for Nokia N9.

We let developers to submit new apps, which the community can then promote, favorite and talk about. The apps are listed on three views: hot, top and fresh.

Recently most promoted apps will rise on top of the hot list, where other people will discover them easily. When promotions start to decline, the app will sink from the hot list and another app will take the highest place. The top list will maintain the all-time most promoted apps, which is great for users new to the device. The fresh view will show all brand new and recently updated apps. Each app can be promoted again after an update, which allows the apps to rise again on the hot and top lists.

Most app pages are maintained by the developers behind the apps, some of them by us. App page shows the basic information about the app with videos and screenshots, and allows anyone to write reviews and comments. The comment system allows both users and developers to talk about the apps, which is helpful for having proper conversation and feedback.

Each user has also a personal page, which shows the recent activity of the user. Activities, such as promotions, favorites and comments will appear on the user's activity feed.


+Mikael Kukko
[email protected]