Here's a nifty app to capture and memorialize the happenings of your daily life. Give the dial a spin and try out the 4 different filters available to give your photos that extra punch. You can also choose from a variety of frames and adjust the shutter intervals to your liking.

Don't forget to share your photos through the N9's inbuilt sharing function to multiple social networks!

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Good design, good filters. But is it possible to add one more value for the Timer Interval - "manual" or something like that. In that case I want take new shot only when I press button, without timer. Please :) But generally it is a good application for everybody

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'Sorry, this item is not available for your country. Browse more great content in the "Related" section below.' For any reason?

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There's only 4 filters but those 4 filters are better than all other apps of this type. Simple and intuitive interface.

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Great app, very nice design. Just one request, please, fix issue with camera releasing resources when app in standby mode. I have to close this application totally when I need to use camera in other application. Thank you

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I would imagine that this is not easy task. Even flashlight apps are blocking camera app.

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native camera app, photo enhancer, effetica do not block camera while they are in standby mode, so I guess it's doable :)

Yeah it's doable, but that requires us to do a code rewrite to use the native cam instead of QML :)