It downloads geocaches including their description, hints, difficulty levels and images. Searching for caches in your local database is a matter of seconds. No premium account needed.


  • Map view - supporting Open Street Maps and Open Cycle Maps by default, configurable for other map types, including google maps.
  • GPS view - shows the distance and direction to the selected geocache.
  • Cache details - once a geocache is downloaded, all necessary details are available even in offline mode.
  • Paperless geocaching features - take notes for a geocache on the go, see the hints and spoiler images, check the latest logs.
  • Fieldnotes support - Ever came home after a long tour and wondered which of those geocaches you found? Never again: Log your find in the field and upload notes and log text when you're at home. Review them on the geocaching website and post the logs.
  • Multicache calculation help - Let your phone do the math for you. Working for the most multi-stage geocaches, AGTL finds the coordinate calculations (like "N49 (A+B)2.(B*2)(C/3+4)1") and lets you enter the missing variables. After the solution is complete, it's a matter of two clicks to set the result as the next target.
  • Advanced waypoint handling - AGTL finds waypoints in the geocache descriptions and in the list of waypoints.

And last but not least, AGTL is Open Source and in active development.

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AGTL is free and open source. Please visit the homepage. Donations are welcome if you like the software!

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