Bedside is a simple, LED-style clock designed to show - at a glance - the time. It has been designed to be kept on, all night, and be easy to read in the dark, without your glasses on.

The effect, on the Clear Black Display of the Nokia N9, is gorgeous.

  • Easy to read digits
  • Disables the screensaver whilst in the foreground
  • Power friendly (only updates once a minute)
  • Reflects system-level 12/24 hour preference
  • Double-tap to toggle brightness to lowest setting
  • Swipe left/right to change colour.

Bedside is open source, under the Artistic License. Patches have been gratefully received from Andrew Olmsted.

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Do the digits move around during the night, like the built-in clock on the lockscreen? I am asking because on the AMOLED display of the N9 there is a very real danger of burn-in.

Mikael [d]
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Good point! Actually, the numbers do not move and this will cause some burn-in. The numbers are dim, so it won't be that severe. Anyway the developer should fix this or warn users.

Jaffa [d]
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A future version will shuffle the numbers around on AMOLED screens. However the "very real danger" of burn-in would require running the app 24x7 for several months; according to research on the Internet.

Mikael [d]
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OK, great. I might have just a tiny effect, but it's still good to have a peace of mind.

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how to download this APPS?

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this is perect for me! :)

odamite [d]
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Amazing work! But I think it needs some more customization because I don't quite like the font. I would prefer something like Digital 7 (

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Very nice to have beside bed. :-)