A nice looking Bitcoin Client for MeeGo, SailfishOS, NemoMobile, and Harmattan. BitPurse allow you to manage your bitcoin address, view your balance, and emit transaction directly from your mobile device.


No Blockchain Download The app uses Blockchain.info api saving valuable space and bandwidth.

Double Encryption Your main wallet password will be saved on your phone however you can optionally set a second password required before you can make payments. This means even if your phone gets stolen your funds will still be safe!

Secure, your wallet is never stored on your phone.

100% Free and Open source

Use open source technology Python, PySide, Qt, PyCrypto, PyPackager, Git, Python ECDSA module, and Python PBKDF2 module . The source can be found on my github repository and are licenced under GPLv3

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have you any app bitcoin for use the nokia 5530? i like to make more bitcoin Thanks