Play a captivating game of bubble busting. Find groups of bubbles and blast them with a simple tap. The bigger the group the bigger the reward. Sometimes just blasting bubbles is not enough, getting a bonus or freeing up your way will worth better. Just play to find out which exciting strategies win the game for you.

✓ 36 addictive levels ( 72 levels in the full version)

✓ exciting graphics and animations

✓ fine sound effects and music

✓ lots of bonuses, special bubbles and exciting puzzles

✓ crystal bases, diamond bases, stones, rocks and bars to flavor the game


✓ Tap groups of three or more same color bubbles to blast them.

✓ The bigger the group you blast the bigger the reward.

✓ For groups of three each bubble is worth 10 points, for groups of four - 20 points each, for groups of five - 30 points each and so on.

✓ If you blast a group of 7 bubbles a super-bubble will appear.

✓ The super-bubble blast horizontal or vertical lines of bubbles depending on the direction of the white stripes.

✓ You can blast a super-bubble by taping on a group it is part of.

✓ If you blast a group of 8 bubbles a joker-bubble will appear.

✓ The joker-bubble behaves as a bubble with the color of the group which blasts nearby.

✓ Thus the joker-bubble is counted as having the same color as the group and can act as a bridge to form bigger groups.

✓ If you blast a group of 9 bubbles or more a super-joker-bubble will appear.

✓ The super-joker-bubble acts as a joker-bubble but it can also destroy all the bubbles on the board that have the group color.

✓ Along the game appear dissolving bonuses like silver coins, gold coins and diamonds.

✓ You must collect these bonuses in less than 5 seconds or else they dissolve.

✓ The silver coins give you 100 points more, the gold coins 200 points, and the diamond 1000 points.

✓ There are also multiplier bonuses which increase the value of the points you gain already.

✓ There are 3x, 5x, and 7x multiplier which multiply the value of the points of the group.

✓ At advanced levels the crystal bases and the diamond bases appear.

✓ A crystal base is destroyed when the bubble over it is blasted, it’s worth is 1000 points.

✓ A diamond base when destroyed transforms into a crystal base, its value is 1000 points.

✓ When a level contains crystal and diamond bases you must destroy them all until the end of the level to win the game.

✓ If a level doesn't contain crystal or diamond bases achieving the score target within the moves you have or time is the aim.

✓ The bars can be destroyed by a bubble blast. You cannot however blast a barred bubble by tapping on it.

✓ When the bars are destroyed the bubble is free to move.

✓ The stone blocks a place on the game board. Blasting a nearby bubble will remove it, clearing the place.

✓ Though it doesn't seem so at first clearing the stone blocks is much easier than the bars.

✓ The rock obstacles are irremovable obstacles: no blast or game action can get rid of them or move them.

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Well it's nice but price is tooo HIIIGH. And free version is full of annoying ads overwhelmed med. Make it for $1 and I buy it.