Bumblr is a Qt/QML based Tumblr app for Symbian and MeeGo devices.

It supports almost all the features that are provided by current Tumblr public v2 API i.e., posting, reblog, editing, like, unlike follow, unfollow, user followings, blogs, tag search, etc.

It is aimed to be a fully featured Tumblr client for Symbian and MeeGo platform.


  • View dashboard.
  • Create, edit posts.
  • Reblog posts.
  • View user following blogs.
  • Like/unlike posts.
  • Follow/Unfollow blogs.
  • View published, drafts, queued posts of all user blogs.
  • View posts of a particular user.
  • Search tags.

Bumblr is built using Tumblr’s v2 APIs with custom Qt/C++ wrapper written to access all API methods. Due to this reason, new features can be easily added in it in future.

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