Butaca provides information about movies, their crew and showtimes near you.

  • Search for movies to get their title, rating, release date, overview, cast, trailer...
  • Search for people in the movie industry and get their original name, biography, filmography...
  • Explore new movies by browsing by genre
  • Check what's going on in theaters around you, and get movie showtimes

Others are already enjoying it:

space_diver says:

Simple and fast in use. Exactly what i was looking for.

grazy1982 says:

Wow, quite impressed with this! Access to HD trailers, info about the film you are after and cinema listings... Very useful and free!!

You can see the rest of its reviews http://store.ovi.com/content/195876/reviews

You can get support at https://projects.developer.nokia.com/butaca/. Butaca is Free Software, with GPL license: you can checkout the code from https://gitorious.org/butaca/butaca

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