Calendar events at Feed screen as one topmost item. Controls are integrated into Settings. No applications or daemons in background required. All work is done by your phone. Please, turn on automatically Feeds update.

Please, reboot after application update (and sometimes at first install).

More info at Wiki

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organizer feed works better for me.

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Quality Value

Very good app. Amazing to watch the calendar events in the feed screen.

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Really great app! A must have! However, it gets stuck every once in a while. Don't know for sure why but could have something to do with bad Internet access (e.g. poor 3G/2G connection).

If you need some debug info let me know details on how to configure proper logging, etc for my N9.

blacktass [d]
4 points

Looking forward for any suggestions and bug reports :) Hope you all will enjoy the app

Mikael [d]
3 points

Wow, this is amazing. Really useful.

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good app

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blacktass really nice app :D thank you

mfarotusino [d]
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Been thinking this needed to be implemented in the OS from the beginning. Glad this exists :)

inmobisoft [d]
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Great app!