Intuitive and very smooth maps with great user experience. Supports multiple tile based maps. Allows for searching for adresses and POI and routing to destination using CloudMade and Google services.

Leverages hardware features like: OpenGL ES, multitouch, GPS, compass and accelerometer.

Maps supported by default:

  • OpenStreetMap I
  • OpenStreetMap II
  • OpenCycleMap
  • Google Maps
  • Google Satellite
  • Google Hybrid
  • UK OS Maps
  • Virtual Earth Maps
  • Virtual Earth Satellite
  • Virtual Earth Hybrid

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Fantastic. Very very relevant. Kudos Damian

Mikael [d]
3 points

Incredibly smooth experience and it launches much faster than the Nokia Maps app. OpenStreetMap is also more complete in many places compared to Nokia or Google maps, especially for walking and bicycle routes and all kinds of small paths.

2 points

i am just amazed at this!!!! Job well done Damian really well done!!!

1 point

does this work without internet?

drzmbs [d]
no points

yes i do it if u want to do contact me on [email protected]

no points

I installed this app in my N9 . but i'm not able to use it properly After I try to select any location etc, getting error message like Cloucgps is not responding (Close app Yes/No) .. its locates the altitude,the speed etc.bit the map is not opening..

Please help..

dwaradzyn [d]
2 points *

This is a support question. Please use the link provided in OVI Store for support:

Could you try running it from terminal (the command is 'cloudgps') and pasting the output to thread? Please indicate that you are running it on N9.

Together we will surely solve this.

1 point

try remove/delete cloudgps.ini file, it worked for me after that

1 point

can u let me know the location of the file ?

dwaradzyn [d]
1 point *

The file location is /home/user/.cloudgps/cloudgps.ini. Please post the contents of this file to before deleting it, so I would have a chance to investigate what is wrong and fix it in upcoming version. Thanks

no points

the file was in another loaction /opt/cloudgps/clougps.ini I tried to delete the file but i couldnt , it says permission denied.. do i need to login as root ?

no points

I did delete the cloudgps.ini . however i feel the tiles are not loading. its able to locate my altitude, speed etc... I can see that there is reception from 6 or 7 satellites but still the tiles are not loading