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  • Gorgeous, colorful user interface provides a more personalized, enjoyable reading experience.
  • Spectrum tab organizes your feeds into easily recognizable color-coded categories.
  • Comes with over 60 of the biggest news feeds across 13 categories.
  • Feed categories include: design, creative, world news, fashion, movies, business, lifestyle, tech, gaming, sports, and entertainment.
  • Add feeds you love to your Spectrum.
  • Bookmark the stories you like.
  • Connect with your Google Reader account to import feeds.
  • Manage, reorder and remove feeds.
  • Customize, reorder add and disable categories.
  • Share articles with your friends over Facebook, Twitter, and email.

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N9c will try this out also on Android too :)

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Quality Value

UI is very good! But why I can not remove default feeds and groups? I want to remove and create my own... Colors could be defined automatically as in rainbow.

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Quality Value

UI is amazing, and some of it's features could be implemented in other apps. However, I'm absolutely fine with RSS in news feed, so see no point in using extra app for that. Anyways, love your app, hope to see more from you! :)

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absolutely cool interface!

my suggestion would be to use google reader info, and each category in the app would ideally correspond to a category made in google reader. that way the user doesn't have to enter feeds one by one or read feeds that one may not want to, like fashion, creative etc..

if possible i look forward to that

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great, i love your colorssapp.com website design, beautiful! the developer of this app should design a good theme for n9:)