Countdown Timer

A Countdown Timer with multiple custom timer groups. While this application may be used as a simple egg timer, it’s so much more. With it, you can set multiple timer groups and in each timer group you may have several timers. Furthermore, it offers plenty of customisable options, such as alarm tone, vibration, screen dimming prevention and so on. The options can be set for the entire timer group or to separate timers.

This free version is the same as the full version, but with some limitations. First of all, you cannot set hours in Countdown Timer Free. So the timer limit is 00:59:59. Also, the amount of Timer Groups and Timers in it is limited to three. Otherwise, they are basically the same. But at least now you can test the app for free on your Nokia N9 or N950. If you find it useful, please buy the full version. It's not that expensive.

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Countdown Timer 1.1.0

  • Improved countdown animation
  • New Timer Modes
  • Immediate Timer Mode not working correctly fixed
  • Animation bugs fixed

Read more about this version here

NOTE: Updating from Countdown Timer FREE to the full version of Countdown Timer for Nokia N9 and N950 should now work correctly. If for some reason it doesn't, please let me know. Also, if nothing else works, you can always uninstall the free version before installing the full version of Countdown Timer for Nokia N9 and N950, which has none of the limitations of the free version, from Nokia Store.

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A new version (v1.1.0) is available now in Nokia Store. Read more about it here:

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