cuteTube is a feature-rich client for YouTube that allows you to browse, search, play, share, upload and download videos. You can also manage your uploads, favourites, playlists and subscriptions.

Features include:

  • Browse, search, play and download YouTube videos. Media Player and MPlayer are currently supported for playback, with Media Player giving the best performance.
  • Rate videos and view/add comments.
  • Manage your YouTube account(s). You can add multiple accounts and switch between them dynamically.
  • Create, edit and view your playlists, subscriptions and favourites.
  • Create an 'on the go' playback queue, which can also be saved as a YouTube playlist.
  • Full auto-rotation support in all windows and dialogs.
  • Select playback and download resolutions.

cuteTube Website

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Great app, although I find the comments a bit hard to read when using the dark theme!

JanMalte [d]
1 point

it's worth the 1,99€. I had the free cutetube on my N900 and liked it very much.

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How do you add Dailymotion account?

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doesn't work with my 3G :(

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Hopefully in the future it will support vimeo as well!

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Best youtube Client

1 point

Best example of what Qt could do.

1 point

it's best youtube app for n9/n950/n900 ever i seen)

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fantastic app