Demine is a clone of the popular game minesweeper.

Between you and victory stands a few mines that are hidden under some of the fields.

Your mission: reveal all the fields that don't have any of the mines.

Help will come in the form of numbers under the fields adjacent to a mine. The higher the number the more mines are around that field.

Help also comes in form of flags, that you can place on a field where you suspect there is a mine. This way you won't accidentally dig on a field there might be a mine.

How to play

  • drag/flick - move table around
  • tap - turn/flip field
  • tap and hold - put flag on field


  • Win = reveal all the fields that don't have mines.
  • Loose = reveal a field that has a mine.

More information: Demine

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et3rnal [d]
1 point
Quality Value

My fav game thanks :)

hope to see better graphics

mmlado [d]
2 points

It's good to hear, someone besides me enjoys it. :) Thank you. If you have suggestions, I would be glad to hear them. Thank you, again. :)