Centre For IT Innovation in Nanyang Polytechnic (NYP), School of Information Technology, was established as a platform to provide an impetus towards several key objectives. These objectives focused on CITI as a launch pad for major industrial collaborations and cutting edge R & D projects.

CITI establishes itself as a multi-disciplinary hub that promotes vibrancy and cohesion by enabling students from the various IT diplomas, to work together on industrial and in-house projects. This platform promotes the concept of borderless integration within the entire Polytechnic. It also enables students with different skill-sets to interact and leverage on one another's strengths.

CITI also acts as an incubation zone for creative ideas to be generated and conceptualised. In the process of conceptualisation, cutting-edge technologies, such as web services and Symbian are being employed. Through this, CITI enables both staff and students to stay abreast of technological advances and developing its core competency and capabilities in XML Web Services, Service Oriented Architecture, IT Security, Mobile Computing, Systems Integration and Network technology, Logistics Management, IT Services and Management, Bio-informatics and mobile games development.

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