Dropian is a fully functional Dropbox client. It caches your files and folder using a secure database and minimizes bandwith completely. You can move, copy, delete, rename, download and upload single or multiple files at the same time. Enjoy sharing files or folders with your friends via SMS or e-mail. Navigate to your files with ease by searching your Dropbox. Restore or stream your files from your Dropbox.

Dropian works with the new Dropbox API v1.

Secure log in is achieved with the new Dropbox log in web page in such a way that you give out your personal data to Dropbox only. Dropian does not save any of your personal information.

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The login seems to work, but after the login the app does not open and you are left with a web page telling the login succeeded. So this is just as broken as the other dropbox apps.

There is a free version of the app in the store so it doesn't cost anything to find out it doesn't work. That is nice, thanks!

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After entering the login credentials for the first time it asks for permission to use dropbox with dropian, but neither the allow or cancel button does anything.

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When launching this i have to enter my email and password, but when clicking the text-areas the keyboard does not show up, so i can't enter any text!!

knobtviker [d]
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Please click twice on the text input boxes. This is a Qt Webkit bug on capturing events. If you wish I can make a video of myself doing it?