Dućanko (it's in Croatian, the rough translation would be something like Shoppy) is an application used for managing shopping lists. It is available in 15 languages: Croatian, English, Belarusian, French, German, Italian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Serbian, Slovak, Spanish, Turkish and Ukrainian.

First, to start experiencing the beauty of Dućanko, you have to create an item database (there is a small one that comes pre-installed, but that's just an example database). The items are grouped in sections which you can define in any way you want. After creating the database it is possible to create shopping lists which can be edited in a simple way to add items and their quantities. During shopping you can select and mark items that have been bought or delete all bought items from the list with a single push of a button. The shopping lists can also be sent over SMS. What a nice feature! Isn't it?

Website: ducanko.com.hr.

Facebook page: facebook.com/ducanko

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