The goal of the game

EvidenceHunt is a role-playing logical puzzle game. The main character, in this case you, is a detective, who must solve various crime scene mysteries. There are many evidences at your disposal, to get your work done. Every puzzle has a solution and it can be reached by using logic only, of course you can guess, but be careful, a wrong decision can end your carrier.

Playing the game

At the very start of every game, the player gets details about the murder scene and a list of possible suspects. Thanks to players experience, several fields are also revealed at the start of the investigation. These fields are sure not hiding evidences, but they can help you to find nearby clues.

To successfully solve the case, it is essential to exclude innocent suspects from among the possible perpetrators. If you play cleverly, there will be only one suspect at the end of the investigation.

The detective has certain amount of time to solve the case. Only one place can be searched through on a single day, the game counts the remaining days. If you run out of time, you can use the found evidences to deduce the killers identity. You may need luck for doing that, so it's better to avoid this situation. Try to investigate reasonably and find every hidden evidence.

The player can has only one guess. Just one mistake, and the game is over. But you don't need to worry about this, because you can start a new game anytime.

The game interface

The investigation area is represented by a 8x8 jigsaw puzzle. Several elements were already revealed at the start of the game. Every piece holds a number in it, this number shows how many evidences are hiding nearby. Different colors means different properties:

  • White – Locations have not been researched
  • Red – The crime scene and the murder weapon
  • Purple – Useful information or a prize during the investigation
  • Yellow – Suspect information
  • Blue – Elimination clue
  • Green – Incriminating clue
  • Black – Location without evidence

How to play

There are two options to do on the investigation area. If you want to research a location just tap the desired jigsaw piece. But if you want to exclude a location from further investigation you need to tap and hold down for a while. In this case a red X will appear marking the location as excluded. Another tap and hold will bring back the original state.

Re-checking already researched locations does not requires another day. In this case the detective just reads the investigation report from that location, no need to search through again.

The list of suspects works very similar. To exclude a suspect you will need to tap and hold on it's profile picture. This can be undone the same way. To avoid accidental suspicions a single tap does not means automatic suspect selection.

To guess the murderer use “Solve the case” button. By doing this, you activate suspicion mode. When suspicion mode is active, a single tap on the suspect's profile picture will select the suspect. If you changed your mind, and want to continue with investigation instead, use the “Cancel” button, and the game will return to it's default mode.

Good luck and have fun!

Comments & Reviews

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Online scoreboard is available from version 1.4.0. The game continues after a successful solution, until the player misses the suspect. After every case you have less time to solve the next one. Also we have Italian translation.

Mikael [d]
1 point *

Seems like a really interesting puzzle game! I'm going to try it out right away.

Edit: The game mechanic is quite ingenious, but a bit too simple and repetitive. There should also be a view where all clues are shown, now it needs lots of tapping if you forget a clue. Clues could also be more complex, something in style of the Zebra Puzzle.

Also, it would add a lot of depth to the game if there were a campaign mode where you would need to make money as a detective, and the cases would get larger as you advance in the game.

BlackWiCKED [d]
1 point

Thanks for your advice and review. There will be lot of new features, clues, and crime scenes in the future. Probably a campaign mode and an online score board too. This is just the initial release. When you "turn" the suspect's profile image, that will be the place for the found evidences, and I'm thinking on a feature like Detective's notes where all the clues are listed.

The project is completely open-source, you can follow the changes on the website: In the store I will update the game only when a milestone is reached, but everyone can compile the newest version any time. Every idea and comment is welcome. Translators needed.