An easy and fast phone pad to search your contacts by name

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it needs a lot of changes immediately through update . it should be alternative to the default call app but its not and it finally again uses the call app if so then what is the necessary of this app i can directly use call app instead give an update such that it wont use the default call app and also on dailer its showing fastdail 1.0.0 ..we know that its fast dail there is no need of that again on dailer keep it empty it looks good when empty.....otherwise its a very good app and i like it very much

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How about to add non-english keyboard template? It would be very nice to make settings for switch various language templates.

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Small bug,

if I already have phone app running in the background with some numbers written to it FastDial can call to wrong number (if number is working one because app ads new number behind existin one)

Hope it is in future possible to integrate this to stock app for even faster calling?

Can power use be a broblem?

theniaky [d]
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Hi. Thanks for your comment : I'll try to fix this soon. Not sure it is possible to integrate FastDial to stock app... But I would like to make call directly but I can't find how to do this. If someone knows...