Music Player with albums coverflow

Just scroll the album list, select one and start playing it.

It has a lyrics fetching, album art fetching and metadata editing functions.

Added support

Added full playlists support in new version

It's very simple, but it's nice.

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Very good, but a bit slow.

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Very good work CepiPerez +1! All it is missing is an equalizer and possibility make the albums on "flow" view not to loop. And i notice some lagg when scrolling albums, i hope that will be fixed soon. (it is not big lagg but sometimes gets annoying. I also hope that there would be a third paging mode that would look like multiple page mode player screen but the flow would be on that and not on seperate "page" but still very good app i totally recommend it!

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Hi CepiPerez, +1. Great app, please add the latest version.

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very nice great app!!

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Super, is just like browsing through my old record collection! No landscape though. Makes it harder to stop the flow and pick the right album. Also not all of the covers are visable, although they can be seen in the native MusicPlayer. And just like in Spotify, the music controls aren't on the lockscreen. Otherwise great app!

CepiPerez [d]
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Can you tell me the missing album arts? I'm sure it's about special characters.

It's very nice.