With FotoShareN9 you can share your pictures with the cloud. It uploads your pictures to Dropbox or a server of your choice DIRECTLY IN THE MOMENT your picture is shot! Share them, easy and save.

The bunch of features:

  • Upload to Dropbox
  • Upload on a server via ftp, sftp or scp
  • Startup FotoShareN9 daemon on boot
  • Upload resized pictures
  • Wifi only upload
  • Optional video upload
  • Selectable notification types
  • Instant or interval upload
  • Selectable Interval Times
  • Logfile support

Some more services, like WebDAV, Flickr, ... are planed for later releases. ;)

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yadasht [d]
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XeN [d]
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Love this app. I will never have to care about my photos again. They just get uploaded to my dropbox and I "could" throw my phone into a vulcano after the shot.

You could but I hope you'll never do it! :)

Mikael [d]
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I haven't tried this yet, so how does the Wifi only work? Can I take a picture and the upload will be postponed until I'm next time on Wifi?

Jepp it should work so, but I got a bugreport about this and there is maybe a bug - I hope it's fixed in the next version! :)