New version! Withot SMS code identification.

You can track your friend's location on the map and your friends and family can see your location. You can adjust your privacy - for different groups of users can be visible or not. For find your friends on the map, YOU need to add your friend's phone number to adress book on your device and YOUR FRIEND must be register user in the Glomacs also with the same phone number. Do not forget to set the privacy groups.

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pdm [d]
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New version! Without SMS code identification. Android and S^3 version comming soon.

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Quality Value

Very cool! I recommend to all!

pdm [d]
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Yes. It will be crossplatform app. Now we develop Symbian and Android builds. Later we will add to glomacs different M2M hardware drivers. If you have some ideas about futures Glomacs - please write me [email protected]

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Is this cross-platform? Would be cool