Heebo is an adaptation of the classic Match-3 genre puzzle game for the Nokia N9. Align the quirky Heebos into lines of three or more to turn the background into golden tiles. When all the background tiles are changed you win the level! Simple but highly addictive!

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tube42 [d]
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Simple, clean and beautiful.

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Please add more levels or make Heebo 2 coz it's very addicting game more than commercial project (like Bejeweled or Jewels).

jzellner [d]
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Quality Value

My favorite game on N9

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Excellent game as it is. Would be far greater if there were added features and enhancements

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Absolutely loving it, wonderful game. Will be even better if audio is included as well.

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Hyvä peli! Olen aivan koukussa, levelit vaan tuli kaikki läpi jo :)