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Home screen settings is a Nokia N9 settings plugin for configuring the home screen. It allows orientation locking, visibility of the weather widget, whether to use only white text on the home screen and the background of the home screen (PR1.2 only) to be configured through the Settings application. Harmattan PR1.1 operating system or later is REQUIRED! Installation WILL fail on Harmattan PR1.0. If you have problems downloading the application after upgrading the operating system to Harmattan PR1.1 or later, contact Nokia Store support, not the author.


To change home screen settings, start Settings, select Applications and then Home screen. This view allows you to select the orientation to which the home screen is locked or to unlock it. It also allows you to select whether you want to hide the weather widget and whether to use only white text on the home screen.

On Harmattan PR1.2 operating system it also allows you to choose whether to use a background on the home screen. Four background choices are available: No background (default), wallpaper, user selected image and sine waves. The wallpaper and the user selected image can be blurred and dimmed using the blur radius and brightness sliders to help making the text more readable on top of the wallpaper. The sine wave colors can be chosen to match the device color and the brightness can be chosen to help with making the text readable.

After changing some of the settings the home screen needs to be restarted using the dialog requesting to do so. If you want to change multiple settings you should only restart the home screen after changing all of them. Note that if the home screen is restarted three times in a row the phone will reboot since Harmattan operating system considers there to be a problem with the home screen.

Support and bug reporting

Use at your own risk! There is absolutely no warranty. The author takes no responsibility for problems, loss of data or loss of functionality caused by this application. Also note that this unlocks Harmattan operating system functionality not supported in any way by Nokia. Do not file bugs to Nokia or to the author if you change the default home screen behavior.


  • Home screen rotation itself: MeeGo Touch Homescreen team
  • Home screen settings: Vesa Halttunen
  • Finnish translation: Vesa Halttunen
  • Turkish translation: Oytun Eren Şengül
  • Russian translation: Natalia Dobrovskaya
  • Spanish translation: Adrian Yanes
  • Portuguese translation: Tiago João Silva

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