Instago is an Instagram client for MeeGo. Browse popular photos, find interesting people and share beautiful images.

To get right to the elephant in the room: Yes, it’s a viewer at the moment. And no, I’m not going to reverse engineer posting images to Instagram nor will I try.

Instead, here is what I’m going to do:

Step 1: Implement all the Instagram features (like searching, friends, likes, news stream and so on). Test it, have a beta and push the update to the Nokia Store.

Step 2: Contact Instagram and beg to be approved for official upload support :)

You can follow my progress in written form on the project blog. The code itself can be found here which also contains the current developer build of the app. So if you want to have developer previews of the current state, use the .deb files there. But beware that those are developer builds. Use it at your own risk and it probably will have bugs.

Update: Current version is 0.4.0 (Public Beta).

Changelog from version 0.3.0:

  • Added list of user that liked an image
  • Added comment indicator to user feed and image detail view
  • Added comment list for images
  • Added location to user feed and image detail view
  • Added several UI elements (icons, separators)
  • Added force logout page if existing token is not accepted by Instagram anymore
  • Added user feed as default view for authenticated users
  • Added network error check + message to image detail view
  • Added user follower (followed by) list
  • Added user following (follows) list
  • Optimized login process & Instagram key handling
  • Optimized labels
  • Optimized network and authentication handler for Instagram API calls
  • Optimized image detail loading behavior
  • Optimized user profile pages
  • Fixed loading indicator on user profile page (now shown correctly)
  • Fixed relationship status and buttons
  • Fixed showing follower information for private users
  • Fixed loading additional images when reaching the last pagination id
  • Fixed error messages should be cleared every call
  • Fixed edge case when sharing new images that have no Instagram page yet (share button is dimmed)
  • Fixed wrong time format in image detail views (now shows "0n:0n")

Comments & Reviews

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please and register button with profil edit feature

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Somebody please update instago because version of 0.6.2 havent got find button and add post please html5 and c++ know people add to these please update

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Somebody please update instago .Because it haven't got find button

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i cant download..please help me!!!

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this thng sucks

how can i make an account on this shit?

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wow just installed instagram!

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we need instragram

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Current version is 0.6.0 that is much better than previous :)

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I download app from site in my pc... How to install..Help!!!

DirkSonguer [d]
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Download the app on your N9 instead :) You can find a short howto here:

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cant post photos :(

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awesome app, but it would be nice to post photos too...

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This app is awesome, I can't wait for other features!

Great work!

how can i download this? i would even pay to download this

Mikael [d]
1 point

Just click on the install button and download it from the site.

please we need this! my n9 would just be amazing with this app

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We need instagram

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we too

i cant find this app on my phone :( please help me!

DirkSonguer [d]
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@hood: Creating Instagram accounts unfortunately is not possible via the public API. See here for details:

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How to register into Instagram if I don't have any account and supported devices to register with?

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Wow, thank you very much!