Ionic is an e-book reader for reading EPUB format books. Key features are:

  • Read EPUB books, navigate with swipe or with the volume keys

  • Jump to chapters or bookmarks

  • A library that can be sorted by author or title

  • Importing books downloaded from the web or copied to the N9

  • Wide variety of settings, including zoom level, display brightness and orientation etc.

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Love it, have read multiple books on it already! Easy for when you're in the train or have to wait somewhere, just read a book!

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very nice, love the night mode. i am reading sherlock holmes. would love to have an option to change brightness of text in night mode.

pipacs [d]
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Alternative source for installable packages:

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how sad I am - I also can't download this one - says it's not available in my country. Is there a possibility that you could actually put up the actual apps on your site here, instead of just linking them to the Ovi store? I've got a lot of books all in the epub format that I was using on m iPod, but now that I've got the N9 I'd love to transfer them over.

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i dont like book lol it still seems nice

Probably my most used app right now. I've never really been a fan of reading on such a small screen, but after downloading this I'm actually liking it. Bookmarking works great and I really like that it measures your progress in percent instead of pages.

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Can't seem to read epub books.

I've had no problems with ePub books. But Adobe-DRMed versions, which you'll usually get when you buy e-books online, will not work.

Fortunately it is quite easy to strip this ADEPT DRM from ePub, which I recommend anyway, if you want to enjoy your ebooks for years to come. Search for "ineptepub". There's a plug-in for Calibre as well.

Note: in some countries it is perfectly legal to circumvent DRM for this purpose!

Other than that: two thumbs up for Ionic! The night-mode is very suited for bed time reading without annoying anyone else :)

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ok, great. Will test that out! :)

Mikael [d]
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Just tried this. Simple and working interface, and good readability on books.

rasjani [d]
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best ebook reader for N9 atm. Some small quirks that are abit annoying but still much better ux compared to fbreader alpha versions. Already read couple of baen free books with this!