• Possible to browse several feeds. Available are: "My feed", "Network feed", "Sent", "Favorites", "Received"
  • Searching groups by starting letter, and browsing selected group's feed.
  • Joining and posting to group

Actions on any message

  1. like
  2. reply
  3. bookmark
  4. view whole thread

- Link recognition which makes links clickable and open in your mobile device's default browser when clicked - Manual updating of new messages (the app won't poll anything by itself) - Viewing older messages - Viewing user info (mugshot, name, title (if applicable), updates, followers and following)

To see user instructions or want to know more about features, experimental features, or not currently supported features, visit: link

Comments & Reviews

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Mikael [d]
no points

Looks great! You could try repeating the description in the content field and possibly adding a list of features there. The content field allows Markdown formatting.

matrixx [d]
1 point

Thanks, I added the full description now :)

Mikael [d]
no points

Great! Hey, I'll change the name of this app to just 'Mash', it's better to have consistent names with the actual app name.