MeeBible is the multilingual Bible reader for Nokia N9 and N950 with full-text search.

Bible chapters are downloaded on the fly. You can also download full Bible text for reading offline.

You can install Free version from here:

But if you want to support development, please consider buying paid version (with same functionality):


  • Black-on-white and White-on-black themes
  • Customizable font size and line spacing
  • Full-text, unicode-aware, diacritics-aware search

Supported translations

  • New World translation in 40 different languages (from
  • King James Version
  • New International Version
  • Russian Synodal translation (from
  • Latvian Revised Bible
  • Smith & Van Dyke Arabic translation
  • Svenska Folkbibeln (Swedish People's Bible)

Comments & Reviews

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no points

please can someone help, once down loaded, all I see is the book of the bible and the do I read the chapters.........

You need to select your language in the Settings. After that, please use the second button on the toolbar to select Bible Book, and then chapter number and verse number. When you click OK, MeeBible will open selected chapter

no points

Can you make it with more mainstream translations or did you use New World intentionally? New world translation is made by Jehovah's witnesses and is different from regular bible.

no points

more mainstream? The New World Translation have been distributed in more then 170 million copies in 100 languages. Different from regular Bible? Do you have a source on that? (appart from your prejudice attitude) And how is it different?

I used NW translation because this is the translation that I usually read and because it covers most languages at a time. Of course new translation support is planned. For example, Russian Synodal translation which is already supported is the most „mainstream” russian translation. And it would be great if you know some well-formed online source for your favorite translation in your language :)