This is my program for the maemo/meego coding competition 2012. If you like it, give me a feedback.

Let me explain the idea behind this: When I got my N9, I searched the store for available programs to get soccer results on my phone, but no programm satisfied my needs. Just at that time I found openligadb. I liked the idea behind openligadb, you can create your own league and everyone is able to commit results. So I had to write a program for this, and here is the actual version. I know, there are some bugs and UI-improvements, but I think it's time for first presentation to get feedback.


  • supported leagues: German leagues (1.Bundesliga, 2.Bundesliga, 3.Bundesliga and DfB-Cup), Premiere League, Serie A, Primera Division
  • Standings of each league
  • Goalgetters of each league
  • saving data, so you have access to all results of the actual season
  • selectable automatic update interval
  • Notification (EventScreen and Sound, Vibration due to problems not working so far and maybe notification on LPM comes in one of the next updates)
  • favourite team: Select your favourite team and get a special notification if your team shots a goal

Some words on the UI

I wanted to stay with the swipe-expirience so you can swipe from the startscreen, the actual matchday of the selected league, to the right (standings) or left (goalgetters). If you swipe up until the ball rotates, the previous matchday will be loaded, if you swipe down, the next one will be loaded. If you load a matchday for the first time, it takes a little bit longer because it catches the whole matchday. Next time local data will be used, if there was no change on openligadb on this matchday. If you click on a game more infos will be shown, if these information were entered at openligadb.

One thing I have to point out

All data is gathered by people in there sparetime, so don't be disappointed if your league is not so good/fast supported. Feel free to join openligadb and provide the data by yourself or make some promotion. From the expirience of the first matchdays I know that the german leagues are very well supported, the results/goalgetters of the other leagues are provided sometimes hours after the matches had finished.

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et3rnal [d]
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Nice, wished u used something more global such as or

as I think this is the only problem with the current apps on the store