Mieru supports all common manga and comic book storage formats including zip and rar archives and plain images in a folder.

Feature overview

  • support for all commonly used formats -- rar, zip, tar, folders with images, ...
  • automatic loading of previous/next chapters
  • history of last open titles (the whole history or selected items can be erased)
  • reopens on last open page at startup in the last viewed region
  • elegant & touch friendly interface
  • multiple page fit modes
  • kinetic scrolling & pinch zoom support -- for persistent zoom scale, use the custom page fit mode
  • an easy to use paging slider
  • paging feedback arrows (can be turned off in Options)
  • fullscreen support (the fullscreen toggle button can be made invisible in Options)
  • portrait and landscape support (automatic rotation or portrait/landscape lock)
  • information about currently open chapter + online search of chapter name
  • funny Stats page
  • an About page
  • quite a few configuration options
  • manga mode
  • full Czech, German, Russian, Chinese, Finnish, Vietnamese, Dutch and French localization

NOTE: page turning works by tapping the left or right half of the screen

How to install

Ovi store

Mieru is available from Ovi store.

Apps for MeeGo

Mieru is available from Apps for MeeGo.

Manual package installation

It is also possible to install the Mieru package manually. Check out this post on forum.meego.org for instructions.


Source code and Licence

Comments & Reviews

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