Provides rich, real time calculations of Moon phase (also shown graphically), age, illumination, distance (in kilometers, miles, astronomical units, Earth radii), apparent size (in decimal degrees and arc-minutes), coordinates (right ascension, declination, ecliptic latitude and longitude), azimuth, elevation ("altitude"), moonrise and moonset times, perigees and apogees (times and distances of Moon's closest approach and farthest excursion, affecting its visible size and brightness), Moon Compass, current constellation (name and shape), and more.

Supports both GPS and manually entered geographic location coordinates. Daily view shows all current data (as well as for any other selected date), monthly view displays summary of phases and illuminations in the current (or any other selected) month, "Perigees and Apogees" and "New and Full Moons" show lists of all corresponding events in a selected year, the Moon Compass lets one rapidly find the Moon on the sky just by looking in the direction (and altitude) shown, and also shows the name and shape of the constellation that the Moon is crossing.

Built-in help explains all terms and data provided by the application.

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Great app!

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Забавное приложение. Понравилось.

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Fantastic app - the only such advanced astronomical app for the N9. Very nice UI, everything works perfectly, not only a lot of data but also features like moon compass. If astronomy is your hobby download it right away

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"By Burning Platform" lol :)