MyMoves is an application which adds a functionality of opening applications using multitouch gestures.

There are 12 gestures to choose from, 6 of which are two-finger and 6 three-finger gestures.

Using MyMoves is simple. For each available gesture, you select an application you want to launch, and then using that gesture anywhere in the system will open up the application you selected. MyMoves also recognizes if you do a pinch gesture, and stays out of the way of normal phone usage.

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Looks cool. A question tho, can you lock the screen using this? I think one of the big things the n9 misses is the ability to swipe the screen down on homescreen to lock the device. Right now I can unlock the phone, run an app, and close it all without any physical button interaction. but then to lock, i need to either press a button or wait 30 seconds, both break the whole swipe paradigm.

Mikael [d]
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That's interesting. What gesture would you use to lock the screen? I'm not sure if it's possible with this app.

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thats a smart app

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superb!! love it. Just need to add the functionality to open application during lock screen. It will be great.

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If you mean during the time when the screen is off with only clock visible, that's unfortunately not possible, because the screen driver doesn't send any touch events.

However, if you mean during the lock screen which is shown after you double-tap or press the power button, opening apps from during that screen already works :)

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muy buena app :D