Nelisquare is a feature rich client for FourSquare social network. Check-in into places, earn mayorships, score your friends!

Features list

  • Checkins: add a checkin, checkins feed, review your checkin history.
  • Comments: checkins, venues
  • Badges: user badges lists, badge info
  • Mayorships: user mayorships lists
  • Photos: upload photo to checkin, venue.
  • Automatic integration is supported. Read this post for details and example.
  • Venues: list of nearby venues, view venue details, photos, tips.
  • Tips: add tip to venue, view tips, like tips.
  • Likes: checkins, venues
  • Notifications: list of recent notifications about comments, checkins, badges, etc.

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cool app but only missing or i cant found is you cant search friends by name. could someone pls tell me how it is?

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Quality Value

Cool, very cool. After few weeks of using this application I can say, that this is really faster than Foursquare. Some features stay unimplemented yet, but I believe that in nearest future developers will release updates. Good luck and thank you!

Thank you for positive feedback!

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What is the main difference with that one: ?

nelisquare is much faster :) At timeline not only last, but all recent checkins are shown. and lots of info: photos, likes, comments. Time line can be integrated with eventfeed

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Thank you for your quick response. I think I will try nelisquare right now ;) Thank you for your work!

Feel free to participate in discussions at TMO:

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nelisquare available for maemo/meego (not only for harmattan). as for me - it's more beautiful and fast then stock forusquare)