Nineshark is a client to the popular website of streaming Grooveshark for Nokia N9/N950.

Set this config in your N9 before install: Settings -> Applications -> Installations -> Allow installations from non-Store sources: ON

Search your favorite music, add it to the playlist and listen.

It allows searches by:

  • Song
  • Album
  • Artist
  • Playlist (grooveshark users)
  • Discover music from Twitter Music.

Listen your playlists, favorites o collection from Grooveshark account.

Nineshark has a simple music player and native-like for easy use to users.

Includes two themes: black and white. Support English and Spanish language.

You can follow my progress on the Nineshark website.

Version 0.0.4

Changelov v0.0.4

  • Grooveshark user synchronization.
  • Discover Music from Twitter Music
  • Swipe Left to go to Player. (see video)
  • Swipe Right to go to Home from Player. (see video)
  • Swipe Right to go to back. (see video)
  • Lateral Menu
  • Swipe Right from border left to open lateral Menu. (see video)
  • Top button to open lateral menu.
  • My Playlists.
  • My Collections.
  • My Favorites.
  • Redesigned Player.
  • Redesigned Search
  • Automatic updates
  • And +

Version 0.0.2

Changelog v0.0.2:

  • Added Voice Search
  • Added Repeat
  • Added Shuffle
  • Added Swipe up/down to show/hide extra controls.
  • Added Swipe left/right to navigate between search and playlist.
  • Added Filters to songs, albums, artists and playlists.
  • Added button to change between low and high bitrate.
  • Added Share to Social Networks.

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