Nokia Car Mode has been designed for in-car use to make calls, navigate to a destination, or listen to music. Enter your car, plug the phone into a MirrorLink compatible infotainment system using a USB cable, and enjoy these applications on the in-car display.

For making and receiving calls, the phone needs to be paired using Bluetooth with the car infotainment system.

Note: Car Mode and its respective applications require a MirrorLink certified car infotainment system.

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Note the following when using this. You may need to upgrade the firmware of your Mirrorlink car unit or the separate smartphone adapter if the unit has that for this to work. When connecting use the 'sync and connect' option and disable power saving. Compared to the Symbian version the functions are more limited, so you can only use the in built music player, swiping on the N9 or other applicatons than car mode black the screen on the car LCD. Also remember that you need a bluetooth connection for the sound to work.

Not all car units might work this with device based on review comments on Nokia store. The unit we use is a JVC KW NSX1, I suggest using the later NSX 600 or 700 to avoid the separate adapter wiring and awkward firmware upgrade.

Even if you have this - if you have a Symbian Belle device - such as a Nokia 808 - I suggest getting that also, as that that the whole of the devices menus and applications can work through the mirrorlink. The quasar MX player needs its own 'car mode' enabling to work, the n9 version of that can plar via car mode but cannot be seen on the cars display of course.

If you use Spotify, get Carspot as this integrates with the N9's car mode exactly as you expect.

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new link for this app is here!

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Turns out this link must only be for my region (Australasia?) The link in this article may still work for another region or regions.

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Sorry, this item is not available for your country... :(

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