The legend amongst pinballs, a true blast from the past is back - on N9!

With all the 4 original tables and the same 60FPS action in both 1x1 and zoomed 2x2 pixels mode you're guaranteed to give Fantasies a go for hours!

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Vesuri [d]
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The game is now available for an even more affordable price!

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SAD! I can't get this app. I'm in China, and every time I attempt to link to an app or game posted here I get taken to the Ovi Store. Then once I'm there, I can get the SMS sent to my phone to download. However, when I click the message, my N9 can ONLY access the Chinese version of the Ovi store, and there are so many many MANY apps and games posted here that THEY DO NOT HAVE! Does anyone know how to set up a VPN on the N9? If this were possible I might be able to get some of these other COOL downloads!

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Awesome! Loved this on my Amiga!

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wow, is this what i remember from Amiga?

Mikael [d]
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Yes, it is! It's the original reworked for N9.

drzmbs [d]
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