Use of QSpot requires a Spotify Premium subscription.

Current functionality of the QSpot client:

  • Playlist and play queue (Now Playing) views.
  • Shuffle mode.
  • Starred tracks playlist.
  • Now Playing info displayed in the Harmattan event view (can be enabled / disabled via Settings).
  • Supports offline synchronisation of playlists (i.e., offline mode).
  • Search functionality (with possiblity to sort the results by e.g., popularity, track name).
  • Scrobbling support for
  • Settings dialog for e.g., search, offline mode and music buffering parameters. .

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how can i download it ?

Mikael [d]
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You need to install the client first from

Then just open the download page with N9 by scanning the QR code and press the download button.

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thanks bro for help : )