Now your Nokia device recognizes its owners face! The Winner application in the last Nokia World Hackathon contest is now available for N9.

Using Qt as development tool, Qt Facelock presents a new UI and user interaction from its predecessor. It doesn’t replace the default security settings of your device.

Update your mobile phone firmware for a better performance. There's no billing charge to use the Qt Facelock app.

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Working good for me except that once it scanned my friends face who looks like me and it unlocked but for the reSt of the tome it was secure and gear although a low light mode would be good

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doesnt even scan the face for the first time, giving error...

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Works well, but has drawbacks. When face not recognized, the option to "type password" is available. The program should open the keypad right away, not a box to then tap and then the keypad opens; saves a step. Also, if there were conditions in which it would auto disable, such as when bluetooth synched to car radio or other predefined situations, it would be amazing.

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It's not working for me but idea's good. I think it must be more useful and integrate into Settings.

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how does this work? do i have to keep it in the background?

Mikael [d]
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No, just set it up and turn it on. It fires up automatically when you unlock your phone.

I can not leave the screen on-off