Tired of trying to remember all your passwords?

Safe is an application storing all kinds of personal information like passwords, PIN codes and credit card numbers in a safe place behind one master password. All the data is secured with a strong AES 256-bit encryption and backed up during device backups.

In Safe you may customize every entry as you wish. You can add all the information you need and nothing more. No need to deal with awkward templates having unnecessary or missing fields.

See more at http://safe-n9.webs.com/

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sasler [d]
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A truly useful app! I wrote a longer review about it here: http://www.ic-mobile.com/reviews/124-review-of-safe-for-nokia-n9

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Does this suppot import/sync with cvs or 1password? This would be neat

kallela [d]
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Hi, unfortunately Safe does not support importing of any external file formats. However, I agree with you that it could be a nice feature and I'll keep the idea on my mind.

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Great App, the best password keeper