Enjoy casually taking close photos of you and your friends by yourself with great ease.


  • setting time to photo interval in seconds
  • use appropriate flash mode by touching the LED
  • prepare your best smile as you hear countdown and shutter effects
  • preview last taken and saved photo
  • delete the photo if not satisfied

Now you are really able to show yourself.

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Quality Value


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5 stars.. simple & works as it should :)

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cool app, works fine

though I think it would be much better and much more useful is the time can be extended to at least 15 seconds in the nest update

it's not that 10 seconds are too short, but maybe insufficient for some people or some circumstances

thank you for making that great app

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This looks hot smokin awesome. Now I just have to wait for PR1.2 before I can use it... right?

janpod [d]
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Appreciated. No not at all it is well tested on PR1.0 and PR1.1. Feedback welcome.