• Uses camera flash light
  • Runs in background even if display is dimmed, blanked, locked
  • Setup shake sensor sensitivity up to your preferences
  • Flash light can be additionally switched on/off by force switch instead of phone shaking
  • Support power save mode, shake sensor can be switched on/off when display is dimmed, blanked
  • Improved shake detection algorithm
  • Automatically starts after phone power on/reboot
  • Vibrate notifications when switching on/off the camera flash light


Take into account that setting high sensitivity causes that even small shake switches the camera flash light. To avoid switching the camera flash light by accident set lower sensitivity. Additionally you can turn on power save mode that disables shake sensor reading when display is blanked.

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osrodka [d]
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Version 1.0.2 released!!!

osrodka [d]
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Release 1.0.2 with vibration feedback is coming...

XeN [d]
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I paid for it, but the download doesn't start. Any ideas?

EDIT: Now it magically works. Don't know what happened. Love the app!

osrodka [d]
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Did you get confirmation sms and mail from ovi store that you have bought Shake Torch? When you login to ovi store and chose Shake Torch app what kind of option do you get? Buy/Lanuch/Other?

Try to contact ovi store support and give them your confirmation number.


osrodka [d]
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Check new yt video out!

osrodka [d]
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Now it's released in ovi store!