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doesn't work with PR1.2, but... you can go to shell terminal (first have to enable developer mode from settings->security->developer and download a package or two), and then execute as a simple user:

cd .local/share/applications; ln -sf /usr/share/applications/calendar.desktop quicklaunchbar2.desktop

for example... this will give you calendar application as a third quick bar button (numbering starts with zero: 0,1,2,3)...

ls /usr/share/applications

to see all names of other application desktop files.

cheerio :)

XeN [d]
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Seems that this doesn't work with PR1.2.

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Any news about updating for 1.2?

nikrolls [d]
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@nbehailu: This is a screenshot of the application running rather than the main menu. It's designed to look like the main menu, but the background is there so that you can tell the difference.

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how did you customize the back? or was that photo edited?

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make your N9 more customize :D