• Launch the application, swipe away to minimize it
  • Take screenshot by double-tapping your phone on the side
  • The PNG file is saved into the Gallery
  • See the pop-up notification to be sure if the file has been successfully saved
  • Support for both portrait and landscape orientations

UPD to 1.0.0: 16.01.2012:

  • Now more reliable in landscape orientation
  • Tap the notification banner to open the screenshot in the Gallery and be able to share it immediately
  • Added Russian, Turkish* and Ukrainian translations

*Credits Oytun Eren Şengül, Meego Türkiye

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sometimes it takes an extra try, but the double-tap method to take a screenshot is totally slick! recommended!

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Unbelievable! A great application

conxt [d]
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Updated ShotMee to v. 1.0.0 in Nokia Store. Please update

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Simple and works well!!! Nice Job!!!

Mikael [d]
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Wow, nice way to take screenshots. Although it's not very reliable, i.e. not registering double taps especially in landscape mode.