Sleeper is a small countdown timer for Nokia N9 and N950. Slepper is very simple but it’s very useful for people who love listen to music when falling asleep. The main feature of the application is to stop the playback music. Users can spin the dial to set the timer and start the countdown. The music will stop when countdown reach 0. Users have an option to close the app after finished. They can also use the app as a normal countdown timer for any task.

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This app is very good. I also requested something similar. Can you pls make it so that we can close any app at any time n also shutdown

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Seems nice, but i wont use it that often

odamite [d]
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This is great! Only thing it still needs is a dark theme. Then it will be perfect :D

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This is exactly what i always wanted to have!!!!! thank you so much!!

thinking about it i always turn my phone off at night, would there be a posability to add option to turn off the phone too?