Completely re-developed in Qt for Meego

Love radio? Sick of hearing the same “Greatest Hits” over and over again? Do you want to control your music? Then check out Soundtracker - you’ll get free and easy access to more than 10 million songs, plus tons of social and location-based features to help you discover and share music that you can’t find anywhere else.

  • Listen to more than 11 million fully licensed songs - any artist, any genre, anytime.
  • Create and share personal radio stations.
  • Play music with friends in real time.
  • Search your city for popular music and people with similar taste.
  • Share your favorite stations on social networks.

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AHHH, I remember this app.. I used to use this in my 5800XM and it was so bad! Hope the MeeGo version has improved, since the web site hasn't.

Finally? Is this the Grooveshark substitute? :D Gonna test it when i have the time :D