If you are you in need of a speedometer then Speed Display is just the app for you.

It displays the speed in km/h, mph, m/s, ft/s or in knots. The display can be inverted so that it can be used as a HUD display in a car with several color alternatives.


  • Low energy consumption (dark theme, no cluttering images and other information can be turned off from settings)
  • Screen stays lit as long as application stays on
  • Automatically adjusts the screen brightness to max when HUD mode is set
  • Portrait and Landscape mode
  • Click the speed to change color
  • Click the speed type to change type
  • Long press the speed to invert the screen for usage as a HUD display
  • Click anywhere to temporarily bring up the settings icon

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Simple and nice.

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Mikael [d]
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Mikael [d]
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Simply great! Nice detail to adjust brightness in the HUD mode. However I'm pretty sure I'm not traveling 164 km/h right now on this chair.