Symbian Suomi Blogi is a blog, where we report news and review Symbian apps, games and devices. Most articles are in finnish, but some device reviews are also in english.

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Suomenkielinen blogi, jossa uutisoimme Symbianista sekä testaamme sovelluksia, pelejä ja laitteita.

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no points

Seriously, what is this crap?

Lousy Nokia App Wizard RSS app from a blog content AND you still have to pay for it? From the same content that is available for free in the website?

These kind of apps should be removed immediately from the Store.

It's a paid app to support the blog. And only 1 €.

no points

I guess it's ok then, but perhaps it should be mentioned in the description. This app is redundant for N9 as it's much more convenient to just subscribe to the RSS feed of the blog and get the stories straight to your homescreen.