Easily locate stars, planets, constellations, galaxies, nebulae, star clusters, asterisms, meteor shower radiants, the Sun, the Moon, and more.

NOW ALSO SUPPORTS THE SOLAR SYSTEM (all planets + Pluto, the Sun and the Moon)!

Just select the object of your interest and the program will instantly point you to where exactly in the sky it is located. Turn in the direction and look at the altitude shown and... there you have it!

You've heard so many times about Sirius or Vega, or the Pleiades or Hyades, or M31 Andromeda Galaxy, or the Gemini constellation, but you were never able to find them in the sky or it's been always taking you a lot of time? Can't find Mars or Saturn? Not anymore - with this program you'll always locate them within seconds.

This version of StarFinder supports all 88 constellations, 72 brightest stars, 21 brightest Messier objects (all visible with the naked eye, i.e. up to +6th apparent magnitude), 20 most popular asterisms, 26 meteor shower radiants, all planets + Pluto, the Sun and the Moon.

For each object useful astronomical information is provided, such as coordinates (right ascension and declination), constellation, Bayer/Messier/NGC designation, distance from Earth, apparent and absolute magnitude, visibility (latitudes at which the object can be seen), occurence and intensity (in case of meteor showers), and also a short description and a direct one-tap link to related Mobile Wikipedia article, should you need more details.

Additionally, for all objects the program calculates their rise, set and transit times (and transit altitude), so that you can always now when the object will become and how long it will stay visible.

For all Solar System objects the application also calculates in real time data such as: apparent magnitude, apparent diameter, distance from the Earth and from the Sun, phase/illumination, hour angle, right ascension and declination, phase angle, elongation. Other data shown by the program include: orbital period, rotation period, orbit eccentricity, orbit inclination, axial tilt, mean radius, surface gravity, mean density, and a detailed description.

The application will be updated regularly with additional stars, meteor shower radiants, all 110 Messier objects, further Solar System members like Ceres or Eris, etc. In one of the next versions an option to add custom objects by the user will also be added.

Supports both GPS and manually entered geographic coordinates. Uses magnetometer sensor, orientation sensor and accelerometer along with precise calculation algorithm to track positions of sky objects for any geographic location at any time and to monitor user's movement / orientation in order to instantly point to the selected object.

Includes magnetometer sensor calibration screen. Designed to save battery life - pauses calculations when the user switches to other screens, slows down timers by 10 times when the app is in the background.

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