Talkbox is an application dedicated to saving you the trouble of typing and to getting your messages across FAST!

  • Cross-platform TalkBox among iOS, Android and MeeGo.
  • Push-to-talk instant voice messaging with your friends
  • Share photo and location
  • Group Chat
  • Post voice to Facebook, Twitter and make broadcast to all your friends

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Only need change de language in the celphone in English and the application change in English ... to other always is language chinese

It needs to support texting

no points

Great app. Thanks a lot. Could you add sound notification so as not to miss messages. And an option to run in background would be awesome.

Please add the spanish language!!!

The app it´s really awesome, but when you support the spanish language in the near future i will use it again!

2 points

is good but the language is chinese or japanese is not english :(

Mikael [d]
1 point

It's a bug. You'll have to change your N9 language to English to get it working.

what services does this support? cant find this information, not even on official website..

Mikael [d]
no points

It's just its own service. It's like IM but you send short voice messages. You can send those voice messages to Facebook and Twitter too.

Mikael [d]
1 point

There seems to be some language problems. I've got it in Japanese.