The Game

Blast through cannons on 32 levels as a bodysuited daredevil.

Use elastic bands and trampolines to jump above obstacles or through fire rings, remembering to avoid falling and cracking your helmet. Be on the lookout for fire breathers as you bounce walls on multiple combos in the pursuit of cheers and trophies.

The fun goes on as more and more circuses open their doors for this incredible stuntman.

The Incredible Circus Website

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how can I download it?? I clicked at install, and went to ovi store but i cant download it to my pc ?? help!!

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Reminds me Cut the rope game.

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Quality Value

Very good game.

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Quality Value

This one is better then Angry Birds.

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My battery was unloaded!

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Addictive! Problem is your kids will steal your phone and play until battery is unloaded :)

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Great Game

very good

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pretty cool game, anyone know how to unlock the whole game? thanks